First lady Jill Biden to unveil the holiday theme and decor for the White House

(CNN)First lady Jill Biden will reveal the theme and decor for the White House holiday trimmings on Monday, her office announced.

Biden will be joined by a National Guard family in honor of the National Guard’s role in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, a statement from her office said Saturday. The presence of the National Guard family also honors all the Guard families spending their holidays away from loved ones.
This year’s National Guard family includes Capt. Maryanne V. Harrell, who serves as the unit commander for the District of Columbia Army National Guard Medical Detachment, her husband Levi, and their children Levi II, Marcus and Elliana.
The Harrell family previously joined the first lady for the arrival of the official 2021 White House Christmas tree on Monday.
First lady Jill Biden, right, and DC Army National Guard Capt. Maryanne V. Harrell and her family pose for a photo with the official 2021 White House Christmas Tree, grown in North Carolina, as it arrives at the White House on Nov. 22, 2021.

Biden also invited Elliana’s second-grade class from Malcolm Elementary School in Waldorf, Maryland, to the White House to help the first lady unveil the 2021 decorations, the statement from her office said.
The first lady will deliver remarks “thanking the over 100 volunteers from the local area who helped decorate the White House” as she reveals the holiday theme, her office said.
'Tis the season: First lady Jill Biden receives official White House Christmas tree